Who We Are

Hair Transplant Edinburgh is part of Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinics. We have been working in the hair transplant industry for over 10 years. We are “consumer champions” in the industry for those that are suffering from the onset of hair lossWe leveraging the relationships we have built up with industry leading surgeons and pass that relationship and savings onto YOU, our clients. In turn our clients receive the best possible quality of treatment in a CQC registered clinic location that suits you, our client, for a very competitive price.

Many sufferers are uncertain about how to deal with hair loss/hair thinning and we understand that this can have a major emotional impact on those experiencing such difficulties. Loss of hair can affect a person’s confidence massively which can lead to problems with self esteem disturbing your every day life.

Our Company Philosophy is Simple:

“We treat our clients the way we like to be treated.”

Hair Transplant Edinburgh is a dedicated, commercially driven website that is run by people who are actively involved in the hair transplant industry. Over the years, our highly experienced team have built a network of connections with CQC qualified clinics across Edinburgh and the rest of the UK, never compromising on quality and results received by our clients when they book a FREE Consultation through our website. The results of our chosen facilities will most certainly boost your confidence and bring the outcome you have always wanted.

Our website provides the best methods available and the latest revolutionary techniques in Scotland, giving our clients the chance to change their appearance at a time and place of their choosing. These advanced innovations in hair replacement technology will give you healthy looking, long lasting hair and you will observe wonderful natural results.

We are committed to providing quality educational content which can help you make the right decision on what kind of treatment is right for you regarding your hair loss. More importantly, we can ensure that you get the correct diagnosis and treatment plan that suits your individual needs.

Here at HTE, we understand and care about the people who suffer from hair loss and we take pride in providing a professional and personal service from enquiry to completion.

Cost of Treatment

We understand that price can be an issue for many when they are seeking out surgery, but you don’t have to suffer as a result of cost. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best type of surgery for their needs. But, more importantly, we ensure that this treatment can be undertaken at a more competitive rate. We offer this to those who are seeking out hair transplant surgery.

If you live in Scotland within the Edinburgh, Dundee and other regions, we want to make sure that you are getting the best kind of surgery at a competitive price.

As an independent website, we know that finding the right surgeons and clinics can be tough, which is why we pride ourselves in helping patients find the right people within this industry. Our network covers the entirety of Scotland as well as the rest of the UK and as such, we can ensure that you get the right treatment via the right professionals.

Hair Transplants Methods

We understand that patients want to receive the latest in cutting edge hair transplant surgery. That is why we endeavour to only work with industry experts and the finest CQC registered clinics. All of the clinics that we work with are CQC registered (HIS in Scotland) and only use the latest in hair transplant surgery and as a result of this, we know that you are getting the best kind of treatment to overcome your hair loss issues.

Now is the time to consider your hair transplant needs. You can book a FREE consultation through our website. By doing this, you can receive the many benefits of having hair transplant surgery in Edinburgh or the rest of the UK.

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